Business Law

The Firm routinely provides business advice to corporate clients, which range from start-up ventures by single owners to large multi-national enterprises.   Whoever we are representing we constantly strive to provide the most cost-effective, business effective and conscientious representation to our clients possible. We assist start ups and entrepreneurial businesses in choosing the appropriate vehicle of the business and the preparation of the necessary formation documents  with an eye toward a comprehensive exit strategy. We understand that, when beginning a business venture, it is crucial to avoid costly mistakes on the front end that can handicap a business’s ability to grow to its potential efficiently and effectively. We provide advice to established businesses on shareholder and operating agreements, corporate governance best practices including Title VII compliance and avoidance of discriminatory practices, fund raising, licensing, intellectual property protection and employment issues.  One of the simplest ways for any business to minimize the chances of making costly mistakes is to carefully document its business practices from inception. Making the effort to ensure that contracts are drafted properly  is a business practice that we have encouraged to the significant financial advantage of our clients.  Among the other services we offer are drafting business documents including agreements and contracts regarding employment and termination/severance, confidentiality, non-solicitation, non-competition, joint venture, collaboration, equipment purchase, building construction, business transactional/sale and purchase, subcontractor engagement and property lease, and providing general guidance in corporate operational, planning and transactional matters. Our Firm believes fervently in the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, businesses whose owners or executives are savvy enough to proactively engage legal counsel, tend to avoid costly problems, reduce unnecessary expenditures and, as a result, maximize profitability.


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